Order & Cost

How you can order Lithuanian Tree Cake:

Lithuanian e-shop orders : Our E-shop is still  not processing shipping charges correctly And for this reason web shop temporary will not process orders

Place an order   via email  @   lithuanianclub@gmail.com.

Only your (or other receivers) name and address is needed. You will receive confirmation directly from USPS.com and invoice from Pay Pal.  If you do not have a Pay Pal you still can   pay there safely with your CCard.

You order Cake for your friends, relatives or coworkers. You will be billed to email from which order was received or you let us know  where to send a bill.

E -mail your order to  lithuanianclub@gmail.com

Cost and Fees

Small $15.00 , Most popular locally . Shipping of one Small cost almost the same as Medium . Starting 5.60 in Oh, IL to almost 10.00 in distant CA, AZ OR states. Suggestion -order Medium or 2 Small to save on shipping

Medium $ 30.00, Shipping charge various from state to state.  Ohio, Indiana, west part of Michigan  , Chicago, ILL area  cost is. ~6-7 .Highest charge is for distance states like AZ, CA, OR, WA  and it’s $ 13.52

Large $ 60.00  This one  ships for $ 8-11 to closer states as PA,DE,VA, MA, IL, MI  etc. And more for farther states.  Ca ~ 43, AZ ~39, CO $ 35

Again, AZ, CA, OR, WA there is a less expensive shipping option for Large cake – Standard 7-10 day shipping , ~ $17.00 up to 22

Only USPS shipping charges will be added  to the price of the cake.

All other fees :  handling, packing/packing materials and also Pay Pal fees are on us.

Most international / worldwide orders has a flat  rate. For Small ($22.30)

2 small or one Medium ($28.70  or $ ~22 to Canada).  No other combinations are available

Large 4+LB (~ 2 KG) cake cost 60.00 plus  ~ 60.00 USD shipping = $ 120.00 to ship priority mail to most countries.Orders must be placed 10-12 days in advance. We are not responsible late arrival, lost package or damaged spikes during shipping .  We pack  well and provide you with scaned- receipt from the USPS upon request- International Orders must be PREPAID.

Place an order and we will send you an invoice via paypal.com

After we ship the Cake, you will receive a confirmation email from USPS.com Login to USPS and track your order with provided tracking number.

No orders will be shipped on Sundays or Holidays

Call @ 216-481-0011 or email at  lithuanianclub@gmail.com  for possible quantity  discounts on large quantities or/and combined orders!

 Became a Face Book friend @ Sakotis Baumkuchenas group to see  all news, updates  pics of Tree Cake

All orders need to be submitted by email:  lithuanianclub@gmail.com


If you did  it – leave for few days in the warm dry place until it dries completely (but do not dry it in Owen -it become dark brown)   Tree Cake should be stored in the dry cool place and can be fresh up to 6-8 month if wrapped in cellophane .  If there odors presented in the room ,expect those odors in the taste of Tree Cake after longer storage .That’s why the cellophane wrap should be around it all the time.

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