Q. How tall your cakes ar?e, How much they weight?  How mush they cost ?

A. Small -4 inch ,1LB,$15.00 / Medium 8 inch, 2 LB, $30.00/   Large 16 inch, 4+LB, $ 60.00

Q. How I can place an order ?

A. Send us an e-mail to   lithuanianclub@gmail.com with your (or relative, friend, colleague) name ,address and size of your cake : Small, Medium or Large

Q. How I pay for my order?

A. We ship the cake and you will get an Invoice directly from paypal.com  If you do not have an account with them you still can safely pay there with your credit card.  If you do not receive an Invoice, please check your Spam folder. If you never received mail from paypal.com it might be redirected to Spam by your mailbox security settings.

Q.  When I get my order  ?

A.If I get your order by 9 am EST I ship cake same day (except Sundays and Holidays. Usually with USPS Priority mail takes 2 days to deliver. Some rural areas -3 days. To West side residents (AZ,CA,OR,WA ,HI,AK) We recommend to use USPS Standard 7-9 day , ~$18.00 Service for Large Cake as Priority 2-day will cost ~$45.00  to ship. Canada and worldwide approx. 7-9 days

Q. Can I track my order ?

A. Yes.  As soon I send an order, you will get a confirmation letter from USPS.com with tracking number. (Check spam folder if you do not receive letter)

Q. Do you use any peanut product in your cake ?

A. No.  Only spice we use is “Pure Vanilla Extract”

Q. Do you decorate Cake?

A. No.  We do not decorate cake as most of our orders are shipped out and all decorations can fell off the cake during transportation.  But we advise customers how to decorate cakes by themselves. There are plenty of pictures from customers how they succeed decorating  their cake. Visit our page Sakotis Baumkuchenas on Facebook for those pics

Q. How much it cost to ship a Cake?

A. Shipping cost various by the distance from our bakery. Most popular Medium cake (or 2 small in one box) cost from ~$6.00-$7.00 in OH and neighboring states to ~$9.00 FL ,~$11 TX,CO to a max $13.52 to AZ, CA, OR, WA.  It is always less expensive to ship 2 Med. cakes to one address.   To ship Small cake it cost almost the same as Medium so we recommend always order 2 small cakes instead of 1.   Large cake from ~$8.00 to neighboring states.  ~$9.00 NY,MA , PA, DE etc.  Large cake to west states as CA, AZ,OR WA  priority 2 day cost ~ 45.00 so we recommend to ship Standard 7-9 day for ~ 17.00

 Q. How long Cake can stay fresh ?

A.If unwrapped, cake can be fresh up to 4+ month.  But last fall before our tour to Lithuania  I send a box full of Cakes to Vilnius in mid October. And I received box right before Christmas. 2 month on the road and cakes where fresh   those one week old.

ONCE AGAIN -DO NOT REFRIGERATE or FREEZE CAKE !  SAKOTIS CAN BE STORE IN DARK DRY PLACE WRAPPED IN CELLOPHANE UP TO 4+ MONTHS.  IN LITHUANIA BAKERS TELL SAKOTIS CAN BE KEPT UP TO 6-8 MONTHS. BUT I STILL HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN THAT AS OUR SAKOTIS SELLS FAST AND NEVER LAST THAT LONG. Keep it in cool place wrapped ,avoid direct sun rays and remember- if you leave cake longer  in place where are some strong odors appear, it can absorb those odors.

Phrase of the month:  Life is to short to eat cheap Tree Cake…adopted by me from Warsteiner’s famous phrase ” Life is too short to drink cheap beer !”