The  King  of  Cakes  -  Tree  Cake 

Baumkuchen(as) – Šakotis – Raguolis

Season 2014  started February 6th

We bake them almost everyday.

We ship them anywhere in US & Canada and most countries worldwide.

Vacation is over but warm memories, our family and friends still in our hearts, so we decided to leave this pic from Vilnius, Lithuania for a while @ Catedral of Vilnius, Capital of Lithuania, our homeland. December 30, 2013

Tree Cakes are ready to order 


Shipping take up to 3 days via USPS Priority mail for small or medium Tree Cake.  Large cakes are expensive to ship to distant states (7-8 USPS zone ) but still can reach in 3 days via priority mail. Tracking number provided by free of charge within USA or Canada.  Worldwide – approximately 2 weeks  1st class mail. You will get confirmation via

You pay for a Tree cake and shipping. We will take care of all packing materials, handling and Pay Pal service fees.

Payment – you will receive an Invoice directly from PayPal).

10 % Easter-Spring Solstice discount  applies to all US states and is valid from  February 15th until Easter.

All international orders must be prepaid at our Pay Pal account

Insurancev up to $ 50.00 provided by  Any additional insurance, and/or registration are up to you.  We only provide scanned copy  USPS custom form/receipt with shipping date and cost upon requeest.

Discounts for international orders do not apply.

Good News for Canadian customers.
USPS made adjustments and now I can fill customs form on line.
One medium Sakotis to anywhere in  Canada including USPS shipping, cost $~50.00.  NEWS – find friends to share order and you can order 4 Medium Sakotis for  $ 40.00 each ($ 160.00 total )  including shipping cost (in one box to the same address only). That’s only 10.00 shipping cost each ! (no other variations-only this 4 Med.cake option is valid for this price). Large Sakotis to Canada (incl. shipping) cost ~$100.00

While our web shop still encounter shipping cost miscalculations,  I created cost+shipping chart by zone .Check chart ,then press on this  link  “ For Postal Zones and Charts ” and find your zone by comparing zone numbers with 3 first numbers of your zip code

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Other announcements:10% discount applies on all domestic (USA) orders. Offer valid from February 15th  to Easter

To those who planning wedding or large party and want to order large Sakotis:   Please e-mail your order 10-14 days in advance @  with name and address of the receiver.

Sakotis Baumkuchenas Facebook Photo gallery.

To those ,who want to have a birthday ,anniversary or any other important occasion , I suggest you to order medium size Sakotis and when you receive it, unwrap and squeeze a bottle of wine, brandy etc. Wide bottom bottles (like Champagne)  do not fit.

Those can be fit in.







As you can see, those shape of bottles can easily fit in to a hole in Sakotis.: Gray Goose Vodka, Greek brandy Metaxa, Lithuanian beer , some Home brew  bottles, etc.  Just unwrap Sakotis ,squeeze bottle from the bottom and wrapped again . You also can add any greeting card.  (Gray Goose Vodka wrapped in the middle  ,second pick above)  Some bottles are wide and fit only 2/3 the way. Do not press Sakotis hard to avoid cracks . Just find any wrap (we did that with leftovers from cellophane we use to wrap the cake, but it can be anything else. You just need to wrap it around bottle making O-Ring witch will not let Sakotis brake. See pic below .  Then wrap Sakotis ant there you are , with nice preset to give to your friends, relatives or loved ones.

As you see, cell wrap around bottle do not et Sakotis slip and split . Pic on the right -shape of bottles can fit  2/3 way.  Jack or Jim Bourbon , Absolut vodka  will NOT fit there – sorry :)

You can also  buy dozen (or less) of roses and insert them  in to Sakotis, use cake as a vase and make a nice bouquet.  Roses are edible so there is nothing to worried about ruing the cake . You can see yourself -photos taken from the family reunion in Pennsylvania and wedding in Cleveland.

You can fill Sakotis with various candy in case it’s a kids birthday.

Our Sakociai can be used as a decoration for important celebrations and then consumed at the party after.

One of those celebrations was 30th anniversary our Lithuanian choir Exultate. You can make a nice bouquet at the funerals like this one :

Valentine’s  Day-There are a few samples how you can decorate Sakotis.



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Truly yours

Sakotis Baumkuchenas aka Dainius Zalensas

2012 December, right before Christmas, our Green Christmas Cake reached Hollywood. Our Lithuanian actress Ruta Lee enjoyed Sakotis


And also our Green Christmas Tree Cake reached capital of Lithuania, Vilnius right before New Year 2013.

We shared them with our family, relatives and friends.

Grand daughters Emilia and Gabriele









One Tree Cake was tasted by our close friend and famous Lithuanian journalist, Andrius Uzkalnis. As he mentioned me  me next morning after he received a cake – it was gone as soon it reached the dinner table. I think that was the best compliment for our handcrafted Sakotis.

Our basketball star Zydrunas Ilgauskas like our Sakotis

Last year two of our Large Cakes reached shores of Kangaroo land aka Australia.





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If you did refrigerate it – leave for few days in the warm dry place until it dries completely (but do not dry it in Owen -it become dark brown)  If you freeze it -sorry,you just lost it. Tree Cake can be stored in the dry cool place up to 6-8 month in original cellophane wrapping. If unwrapped, it became dry faster and often can absorb odors . In those cases expect them in the taste of your Tree Cake.That’s why the cellophane wrap should be around it all the time.