Our Cake can last fresh for 3-4 month easy.

  2 small cakes cost just a bit more then one Medium  to ship.

2 Medium cakes packed  together, shipped to distant states like AZ,CA,OR,WA will cost to ship just a half price of a large cake. 

Large cake to one of those states cost over $60.00 to ship

But 1 Medium -just $21.00 and 2 Medium together around $31.00


Thanks to Lithuanian Club for supporting our Tree Cake Bakery !

Aciu  Ruta Degutis – President of our Lithuanian Club in Cleveland, OHIO

The  King  of  Cakes  -  Tree  Cake 

Baumkuchen(as) – Šakotis – Raguolis

Fox 8 News  “New Day Cleveland” was @ our Bakery

When you send your order to:

Please, write your/receivers name, address , phone and size of the cake. !!!!

All international and quantity orders must be prepaid and are very expensive to ship.

You will get an invoice directly from Just follow instructions in their email and pay safely using your account. You can also use a credit card if you do not have an account with them.

E-mail from with tracking number also will be send to you to confirm your order . Just follow instructions and track your orders on line. If you do not get  emails, please check your spam folder and/or inform us.

Again – Just send  size, address phoneand name to  and we will ship cake to you next day or as soon we bake it.


Article in English about our Tree Cake published in Draugas News in April 2015 edition


Article (in  Lithuanian language) in a “Amerikos Lietuvis” – Lithuananian Weekly


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We bake them almost everyday.

We ship them anywhere in US

Canada and most of the countries worldwide began be very expensive to ship to. But we can do ship cakes overseas, prepaid.

To order Tree Cake -send us an email to:

Shipping take up to 2-3 days via USPS Priority mail for small or medium Tree Cake.

Because of Covid-19 there are some delays -please understand that

Large cakes are expensive to ship to distant states (USPS zone 7-8 ) But still can reach you in 2-3 days via priority mail.  USPS Tracking number will be provided by free of charge within USA.

This year we do not accept Large cake orders for Christmass season. We want to serve as much as we can and large cakes taking mre time we do not have. Large can be ordered since mid January 2021

You pay for the cost of  a Tree cake plus shipping . We will take care of all packing materials, handling and Pay Pal service fees.

Payment – you will receive an Invoice directly from PayPal. That’s the only option  on line to pay . We do not accept anything else, except if you pay at the register at the Club with CCard , pick up your order and save on shipping fees.

All international orders must be prepaid at our Pay Pal account

Insurance up to $ 50.00 provided Free of charge  by  Any additional insurance, and/or registration are up to the customer-we can insure and/or register package, but additional charge will be added.  We only provide scanned copy  USPS custom form/receipt with shipping date and cost upon request.

Discounts(if any) not apply for international orders.

To those who planning wedding or large party and want to order large Tree Cake:   Please e-mail your order at least 25 days in advance to:  with name, phone and address of the receiver.

NOTE:We DO NOT ship cake to a wedding/party location or to PO BOXes,                  Make sure someone is informed and will take care of your order at home address. We are not responsible if tracking show cake was delivered but you do not received it. You still responsible and need to pay for your order.

We have few orders  send to wedding party centers  were tracking tells it was delivered but no one claim to have it. So we decided to stop sending cakes to those  locations

Sakotis Baumkuchenas Facebook Photo gallery.

To those ,who want to have a birthday ,anniversary or any other important occasion , I suggest you to order medium size Sakotis and when you receive it, unwrap and squeeze in a bottle of wine, brandy etc. Wide bottom bottles (like Champagne)  do not fit.

Those can be fit in.







As you can see, those shape of bottles can easily fit in to a hole in Sakotis.: Gray Goose Vodka, Greek brandy Metaxa, Lithuanian beer , some Home brew  bottles, etc.  Just unwrap Sakotis ,squeeze bottle from the bottom and wrap it again . You can add greeting card.  Some bottles are to wide and fit only 2/3 the way. Do not press Sakotis hard to avoid cracks. Just use other bottle.   Nice preset for a friends, relative or loved one.

Jack & Jim or Absolute vodka  will NOT fit – sorry :)

You can also  buy dozen roses and insert them  in to Sakotis, use cake as a vase. It will make a nice bouquet.  Roses are edible so there are nothing to worry to ruing the cake . You can see yourself how customers decorating their cakes-photos taken from the family reunion in Pennsylvania and wedding in Cleveland.

(Some other flowers are poisonous. Please Google flowers  before decorating cake with them)

You can fill up Tree Cake with  candy or other goodies in case it’s a kids birthday.

Our Tree Cakes can be used as a decoration for important celebrations and then consumed at the party after.

One of those celebrations was 30th anniversary our Lithuanian choir Exultate. You can make a nice bouquet at the funerals like this one :

Valentine’s  Day-There are a few samples how you can decorate Sakotis.



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Always place an order or ask for quantity  discounts @

Please do not place  orders for Tree Cake @ page yet.

 Became a Face Book friend @ Sakotis Baumuchenas to see  all pics of Tree Cake and information.

Truly yours

Sakotis Baumkuchenas aka Dainius Zalensas

2012 December, right before Christmas, our Green Christmas Cake reached Hollywood. Our Lithuanian actress Ruta Lee enjoyed Sakotis


And also our Green Christmas Tree Cake reached capital of Lithuania, Vilnius right before New Year 2013.

We shared them with our family, relatives and friends.

Grand daughters Emilia and Gabriele









One Tree Cake was tasted by our close friend and famous Lithuanian journalist, Andrius Uzkalnis. He told me day after : – “Your Cake was so delicious, it disappeared as soon it was served at dinner table”. I think that was one of the best compliment for our handcrafted Sakotis.

Our basketball star Zydrunas Ilgauskas like our Sakotis









In 2013 two times Large Large Cake reached the shores of Kangaroo land aka Australia.





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@ :

All orders need to be submitted by e-mail with size, quantity, receivers name, phone & address. Send your order to:

W A R N I N G :



If you did NOT read warning in time and refrigerate or freeze cake – leave for a few a days in the warm dry place until cake dries completely (but do not dry in the owen -it will became dark brown).   If you freeze it -sorry,you probably lost original smell and trade mark (unfreezed cake in most cases will  became fluffy, crooked a bit but still can be dried up and consumed .

Tree Cake can be stored in the dry cool place up to 3-5 month in original cellophane wrapping. If unwrapped, it will dry faster and often can absorb surrounding odors . That’s why the cellophane wrap should be around it at all times.