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Pensive Christ Rupintojelis from Lithuania

Pensive Christ Rupintojelis from Lithuania
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Model: Pensive Christ Rupintojelis from Lithuania
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The Pensive Christ or Christus im Elend ("Christ in Distress" in German) is a subject in Christian iconography depicting a contemplating Jesus, sitting with his head supported by his hand with the Crown of Thorns and marks of his flagellation. It is therefore a picture of Jesus shortly before his crucifixion, although more an andachtsbilder or devotional subject than intended to show an actual moment in the narrative of the Passion of Christ. The Pensive Christ is much more common in sculpture than in painting, where the similar Man of Sorrows is more often depicted (in this Jesus is shown with the wounds of the crucifixion).

Lithuania is also the land of the Rupintojelis. Derived from the Lithuanian word rupestis it can be translated as anxiety, concern and solicitude. This woodcarving depicts a man in a sitting position, leaning on his elbow, looking pensively and sadly at passers-by. At times the Rupintojelis is sitting on a tree stump or a stone wall. This image is carved in various styles, but always in a way that you immediately know he is suffering. Some scholars think that perhaps village woodcarvers consciously or unconsciously expressed their own worries, and fears through woodcarving. The Rupintojelis was found in the home, at crossroads and other public places. Gradually the Rupintojelis evolved into Christ the Man of Sorrows pondering all the ills of humanity. All emphasis is placed on the facial expression of deep thought and infinite sorrow. The Rupintojelis may be another reason why Lithuanians readily identified with the Lithuanian Passionist missionary who preached so fervently about Christ the Man of Sorrows.


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Handcrafted in Lithuania from domestic clay. The burned and polished .  With dark shadows.  12" tall.

Have a hole in the back of the carved wooden board. Easy to hang on the wall.

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